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What is HR tracking software?

Software applications for human resources (commonly misspelt as ‘software applications for human reasources’) are really useful as HR need to track many different things for all employees. Tracking holidays, absences, training courses, training needs and recruitment or applicant tracking are all important elements within the recording process for HR data bases.

Report running functionality is also another element that is crucial to the smooth operation of a HR department and is another element of human resources for employees.

Holiday Tracking

Having the ability to store holidays can aid the smooth running of a department or production line. For example, giving departmental managers the ability to look up and see if they have enough staff to cover an employee when they submit a holiday request is highly beneficial. Additionally, seeing how many holidays a team member has left and/or if they have time to take off in lieu can also be a massive time saver. In addition, you can see how many holidays your team has left if you are coming to the end of the yearly holiday calendar.

Training Course Tracking

You may have a compulsory requirement for staff to attend certain courses and you need to make sure that everyone who has to attend it has been to the event. In addition, you may want a training record for each employee, so they can keep track of all training attended. Training course tracking is also useful for appraisals, if there is a skill gap in the workforce or if an employee applies for an internal vacancy (which a training course could qualify them for).

Absence is another area that is very important to track. Patterns of absence may occur, which can be seen from the records and remedial action can be taken. In addition, this can also be a good reference if an employee applies for an internal vacancy.

The best HR systems and software have all the above elements and can be a valuable support to departments and HR alike.

Looking at a HR software system to see if it includes all of the above elements is important if you are looking to change your software. How can you do this? The best way is to look at systems that offer a free demo or a free demo – from these you can understand the capability of the system and if it matches your requirements. Usually these are free HR database software packages.

The return on investment for getting a comprehensive HR software package is important. Knowing if there are issues with absences and addressing these can save the company money; due to workers not being consistently absent for long periods or even short periods regularly.

HR and payroll software can be integrated or payroll can feed into the HR software. It is another important consideration to think about how closely you need payroll and HR software together.

The main legal issue with HR tracking software is data protection. Keeping data safe and secure is of paramount importance. BBC News have reported that many Hollywood studios are using private cloud to keep secrets about their latest films under wraps, so this shows that it is very much a secure option. Security is crucial for HR as you are handling employee records and payroll details, so that is why Simply Personnel also adopts the private cloud approach.

HR software solutions are many in number, which means the power is with the consumer to decide what suits them best. It is a great market for a customer!

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