Technical Overview

Croner Simply Personnel HR software is developed and designed using the Microsoft.NET technology.

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Technical Requirements

Here’s the detailed information the technical team may need. We’ve made it easy and asked all the questions for you – and answered them too!

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Database Size Calculator

Use this handy database size calculator to determine the size of your Croner Simply Personnel database after 3 years.

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Croner Simply Personnel has both security and data access control features built-in in order to limit or even prevents access to certain sensitive information.

Croner Simply Personnel HR software gives the foundation for security in every application. The applications were designed from the beginning to be robust, open, extremely flexible and highly scalable.

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Croner Simply Personnel realise the world of HR is continuously changing and you are tasked with new HR issues. We aim to update our HR Software as often as possible to reflect these changes.

As a customer using annual support you will receive the upgrades at no cost to you.

Problem Classification

When logging a call with our helpdesk we will classify your call into one of the 4 categories shown in table below. Our experienced support staff deal with many queries and will be able to classify your call quickly so that it may be dealt with most efficiently. A unique call number will be issued to you so that you may check the status of your call at any time.

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Remote Support

The Helpdesk at Croner Simply Personnel has the ability to remotely support you using a secure and safe remote desktop assistance tool.

At Croner Simply Personnel you can log a support call using our online service 24/7 or call through during business hours of 9am to 5pm.