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Implementing Simply Personnel

To successfully implement any new HR software it’s important to know in advance what would be involved.

What’s Involved?

A system’s successful implementation will depend on choosing the correct software and systems. Of equal importance is selecting the right solutions provider who actually understands the special requirements and whom you can establish an effective working relationship with. Success also depends on the implementation services given prior to, during and after the system’s implementation. This actually becomes instrumental in the system’s long-term success.

Our methodology makes sure that solutions are implemented effectively as well as quickly, in an environment where most required and usually challenging time scales are not always met when it comes to traditional project management methodologies.

At the start of very start of the project we will work with you to help you create a plan that holds all the activities that need to be performed.

How we Manage the Project

The project implementation is the key to Simply Personnel HR software success. If needed Simply Personnel HR software creates an implementation plan showing you the key tasks that need to be performed by you and also those to be completed by Simply Personnel HR software. You can be sure the Implementation is fast as well as effective by using this approach. It will also take into consideration your team’s environment. The project manager, who we appoint, will be responsible at the Project initiation all through the closing of the project.

The main element of the project’s implementation stage that covers installation, setup, training and any other objectives involved. The Project manager will consistently monitor your progress, manage any risks and/or issues, produce progress reports, communicate with you and control any changes made to the project while in the Implementation stage.

When the project reaches the end it passes the Implementation stage and goes to an on-going support in a live environment.

When the project is done a formal review is done internally to make sure the defined activities and goals have been correctly delivered.

Loading Your Existing Data

If you would like you can use our data transfer spreadsheets to cut and paste your data into. After you do that we will load the spreadsheet contents into the database for you if required.

The data is then validated and loaded before finally passing a database back to you.

We understand data confidentiality and our contracts have built in non-disclosure clauses to protect your confidential information. We can also send data securely by recorded delivery or to our servers.

Once we have completed working with your data it is completely removed from our servers.

Annual Support

Simply Personnel’s UK Based support have over 15 years combined experience, they have an excellent system that ensure they can deal with your queries quickly and efficiently so you can feel confident using our HR Software.


At Simply Personnel you can log a support call using our online service 24/7 or call through during business hours of 9am to 5pm.

Reported problems are classified in accordance with our Service Level Agreement and acted on, if required, the helpdesk at Simply Personnel has the ability to remotely support you using a secure and safe remote desktop – Logmein123. Additional information is available at:


As a customer on annual support you receive upgrades free of charge, These updates are provided via the support desk and implemented via an installation wizard.

Simply Personnel plan to provide one major upgrade every year, these can cover everything from legislation and new working practice changes to brand new features designed to improve your productivity.

As with all changes we release we ensure they are thoroughly tested, easy to install and upgrade. Updates are also designed so as not to disrupt any user defined functionality such as Business Processes, User Defined Field and Simply Answer reports.

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