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Simply Personnel Access Install Instructions

This article explains how to upgrade from your existing version of Simply Personnel to the 12.6 version. It includes guides for Personnel Manager (MS-Access version).

A list of the 12.6 bug fixes and changes can be downloaded from here.

Updating your existing MS-Access database

If you are running any of the following older versions, you will need to use the DBUpdate12.6 tool to bring the structure of the database up-to-date in accordance with the 12.6 version’s requirements:

  • 2013r1 (database version 12.4)
  • 2012r1 (database version 12.4)
  • 2010r1 (database version 12.2)
  • 2009r1 (database version 12.1)
  • 2008r3 (database version 11.3)
  • 2008r2 (database version 11.1)
  • 2008r1 (database version 11.0)

Contact us and we will send you the link for our Database Update Tool.

  • Extract the file to your desktop on a PC with Simply Personnel currently installed. The utility follows the same ODBC path to your database that the Personnel Manager software does.
  • Before continuing, take a backup copy of your MS-Access database.
  • Now run the DBUpdate.exe found within the extracted folder on your desktop. Once the update tool is complete it will notify you and can then be closed.
  • A new person.mdb file will have appeared next to the DBUpdate.exe file in the folder on your desktop. This is your newly updated MS-Access database. You can now copy this into your existing database’s location and overwrite the existing person.mdb file found there.

Updating Personnel Manager on a client PC with using a MS-Access database

  • First you must uninstall any existing version of Simply Personnel from your PC using the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features screen from the Windows Control Panel.
  • Take a backup of your existing MS-Access database (called person.mdb) to ensure that the installer does not accidentally overwrite the database with a new blank version. With any MS-Access installation it is strongly recommended that you have your MS-Access database located on a server away from the client PC.
  • Contact us to receive the set-up file
  • Run SimplyPersonnelSetupAccess.exe (this will need to be done with Administrator privileges).
  • When the installer file has finished decompressing, you will see the first screen of the wizard. Click Next to continue.
  • Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement option and click Next to continue.
  • In the following screen, you may enter your User Name and Organisation details. However, this information has no bearing on Simply Personnel whatsoever. Click Next to continue.
  • You will now be prompted for an installation folder for the software. In most cases the default path is fine, however you can click the Browse button to choose a different location if you wish. Click Next to continue.
  • Select the Complete option in the following screen and click Next to continue. Note that the Complete option will only install the Personnel Manager software. The MS-Access version of the installer file is not a combined package like the SQL version.
  • This is the final screen of the set-up wizard. You may click the Back button to modify any of your choices so far or click Install to install the software.
  • Once the installer wizard is finished, the ODBC to the database will need to be reconfigured to point to your existing MS-Access database. You can find out how this is done in this guide.

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