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Key Features

If you are looking for useful software information about Simply Personnel then this module-by-module breakdown could be just what you need. This is because, unlike many other HR software systems on the market, you only need to purchase the module(s) you need. Not only does that make it a fraction of the cost of many competing products but also a lot easier to use and maintain, as you have less redundant features.

More often than not our clients will start by purchasing the Personnel Manager module because this is the one that stores and manages employee records; a vital function for any HR department. Each employee’s record contains personal details and salary history, as well as additional information on such areas as holiday usage and absenteeism. If absence is an issue then the Time and Attendance module can keep a record of clock-in and out times.

Further reporting is available through a complimentary module that comes as part of Personnel Manager (called In-depth Reporting). Not only can you easily create and store reports here but, using the in-built scheduler, they can be automatically e-mailed to anyone within your organisation at a given time. Should you require a clear picture of the structure of your organisation, you can create a chart by ‘dragging’ and ‘dropping’ employees into their relevant positions.

Clients who do not purchase the Personnel Manager module first will generally take the Training Manager module as an alternative, particularly if personal development or staff retention is top of the agenda. One of the most useful functions of this module is its ability to identify skills gaps in the workforce and the associated training needs, to make investment in this area well informed. The cost of training is further reported by cost-per-delegate or cost-per-course; making management meetings a lot easier.

It may also be necessary to monitor the time employees spend completing work for clients, so that you can ensure billing is correct. This can be done using the Timesheets and Expenses module, which can also be used to record any expenses employees may incur. Should you operate using shift work, Rotas and Rostering can be an invaluable tool in not only allocating shifts but ensuring each shift has sufficient staff coverage.

Should staff shortages be flagged regularly, you may wish to have a recruitment drive, which can be handled a lot more efficiency with the Recruitment Manager at your disposal. Within this module, you can define your recruitment process from start to finish and get alerts at each stage to ensure nothing gets missed. Correspondence can also be automatically generated, so that you can keep applicants well-informed about the status of their application before they chase.

Also helping to lighten the workload is the Employee Self Service module, which gives employees the ability to control certain aspects of their own HR, with line manager approval. HR can still maintain overall control and the settings can be customised to ensure appropriate permissions are in place.

As you can see, there are many useful features of the software, especially since you can pick and choose the modules you want; reducing the amount of redundant features and putting less strain on your budget.

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