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What is HRIS Software?

What is HRIS?

HRIS (human resource information system) is basically another term for software that is used by HR professionals. In recent years, organisations have adopted cloud-based software systems that are easily accessible on the move. As security has improved, it has become more common for HR departments to harness this technology; private cloud offering the most secure option for protecting employee data. Security is managed by the software provider, using firewalls.

What is a HRIS manager?

A HRIS manager may have the responsibility for all the information that is entered on the software system. They may well run all the relevant reports and may be the go to person if there are any queries or problems.

What is HRIS software or what is an HRIS system?

Human resource information system software is essentially the same thing as above; a system that allows businesses to input personal data for employees and store it. Holidays, absence, recruitment details, leavers, reports, clocking in details, sickness, training records etc. can all be inputted into the system. HRIS software is the central hub or the “bread and butter” of any HR department. All employees’ details are usually kept on this one system so that reports can be run and details accessed at the touch of a button.

The best thing to do is to trial these systems to see what suits your organisation the best. There are many on the market to suit all budgets. It all comes down to functionality and whether you want a modular approach where you want to start with a few modules and then add as you go. Whether you want to pay monthly or just have a standalone system. Do you want annual support and/or training?

The Simply Personnel system is one of the more established systems on the market. We have a modular approach and can bolt-on additional modules as your business grows or as and when you need them. In addition, we can supply initial or ongoing training and offer support if you want it (although it is completely optional). We have our own dedicated helpline and our website offers a ‘Support’ tab.

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