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One of the most important decisions for any business or department is around the HR management software tool you are going to use to input all your staff details.

The system can be comprehensive with multi-functional use and one that you could grow into if it has too much capacity at this moment in time.

To help you grow your system proportionately with your company, you could have a system that is modular where you are only charged for what you need. Simply Personnel has seven main modules and one additional reporting module that bolts-onto the existing seven. It can be cost effective to run as you don’t need much outlay (it is one of the most comprehensive and competitive products in the marketplace).

It also only takes a matter of minutes to add on a new module if it is required. Additional options are also available, such as annual support or training. To help you meet your requirements, we can advise you as to what would best suit your budget and what you may need long-term; as HRIS systems are often a choice that businesses make and ideally want to stick with for many years. In addition, you want support to be just a phone call away and for your HRIS software system to be reliable and secure. All this can be attributed to the Simply Personnel HR Software system. It is flexible and easy-to-use. If you want additional training for new staff this can be easily arranged.

When making a choice between HRIS software systems, you need to make sure that you have thoroughly investigated their capabilities and if they meet your day-to-day needs, as well as long-term ones. A commitment with a system is more than likely to be long term and we know you will want to get it right.

HRIS system software can come in two different forms; web-based and server-based. It is a difference of if you want to hold your data on your server (server-based) or if you want someone else to hold your data (web-based). Security is one major thing to get right here to make sure your data is safe and secure if it is on your server or if someone else manages this for you.

One step to take is simply talking to customers who have used the HRIS systems software that you are thinking of buying. All companies should give you the name (as long as they have asked the customer first) of someone who is using the system and let you speak to them about what they like/dislike about the system, how long they have been with the company and where the software is going longer-term. Some offer free HRIS software trials – we do here with Simply Personnel to help you get a look at the system and see if it meets your needs. Additionally, look at testimonials and HRIS software reviews of the systems you are interested in.

Having your own HRIS manager tool is ideal for any business and a must for any company. To find out more about Simply Personnel, call our HR experts today on 0800 783 0322 or e-mail

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