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Free HRIS Software

The best way to choose a new HR Software system or even one to use for the first time is to shortlist a few options and trial them. Here at Simply Personnel, we offer a 30 day free trial that you can use with no obligation to purchase.

This way you will know if our system or indeed another one is right for you. Nothing can beat using the functionality of a HR system and seeing if it meets your needs.

Any kind of HR software should always be trialled so you know what you are letting yourself and the company in for. Getting to know the product before buying is important and can avoid a costly mistake if you have bought a system that you just can’t get on with.

You may be wondering what exactly is HRIS or what is HRIS software?

HRIS stands for human resource information system; basically it is a software system that stores all employee records for a business on a platform. It can be based on a server or accessed via. the web.

The number of HRIS software systems in the market may seem overwhelming but as long as you have a shortlist of the main features you require and know whether you want to have a system on your own server or on the web; you have the main points covered. Factor in the budget, training and what support you require and you will get a good indication as to which HRIS is for you.

For access to our free HRIS software trial, please follow this link and complete the form. Once completed, you will receive a link and can download the information from there for our free trial.

As we have 8 modules, you will get a free trial of one of them –namely ‘Personnel Manager’. This looks after job and salary data information, absence, discipline, contact details and bank details etc… It will give you an idea of how to system works. To make life easy, the module contains pre-populated data to save you the trouble of entering all the information yourself. The module also has a traffic light warning system to highlight any problems such as absence etc… Salary history, address details, notice period, holidaysetc… are all featured to some extent in this module.

If you are looking for free HRIS software open source, this is not available for Simply Personnel. This is where you can amend the package and develop it yourself through obtaining the original source code and modifying/redistributing. Although you cannot get access to this with our HRIS, regular updates and refreshes are something that we offer. We had a system update in November 2014 and have a new one planned this year.

As we know that HRIS managers want these modifications on a regular basis and to have input into what is developed; we take customer feedback on-board.

If you want to contact us for further information please call 084469311247 (option 1).

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