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HRIS Manager

Every HRIS (Human Resource Information System) needs to be managed efficiently to ensure that the information is kept up-to-date.

Appointing a dedicated HRIS manager can be hugely beneficial if you are a large business with a high data input requirement. This is because the system will be used a great deal, so they can become familiar with it, ensure that all records are fully maintained and decide upon relevant access requirements for other members of staff.

On the other hand, smaller businesses may want to include HRIS management into another staff member’s job role – for example, Operations Manager, who would have existing HR duties such as approving holiday requests and training.

As Simply Personnel’s HRIS system caters for any size of business, we have made the permissions flexible to fit in with each of our customer’s needs. From within the system, you can control how much visibility and control over the software each staff member has – so that they can do what they need to do without having access to restricted information or making changes that could be harmful to the company.

From within the admin panel, you have the ability to assign permissions based on job role. For example, line managers could approve holidays for staff that report to them, whilst their own holidays can be authorised by their managers. Employees can see their own holiday entitlement whereas the HRIS manager can see annual leave booked across the whole business.

Basically, the choice is yours but having someone with HRIS manager control gives you the ability to delegate permissions throughout the company to keep data secure; ensuring you conform to the data protection act. This is why giving the role to someone who has HR expertise is advisable, as they are already knowledgeable of the correct legal processes.

If you are looking to give HRIS management responsibilities to an employee who has no experience in the area, Simply Personnel offer training days where one of our knowledgeable team will take the employee through anything that they want to know and assist with setting-up the system. This saves a lot of time and offers invaluable advice that you can use to get the most out of the system.

What is HRIS?

Not sure what HRIS is?

It is basically the combination of human resources practises and information technology to automate time-consuming HR processes and give access to advanced reporting.

HR tasks that can be completed using Simply Personnel HRIS include training/recruitment recording, entering employee data, holidays, rotas and timesheets. Using server-based HRIS like ours means you can keep data securely on your server and in the control of your IT department – giving you extra peace of mind.

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