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HR Information System Manager

What is an HRIS Manager?

What do they do? Who do they report to? What departments do they work with? Should we employ somebody to do the role/can we train someone to do the role?

An HRIS Manager is a Human Resources Information System manager.  They manage all things to do with an organisation’s HR System.  They are the main contact to deal with anything relating to the HR software system.

The person in this role may well link in with other departments – such as finance, HR and IT – to produce reports or solve operational issues/complete tasks.  In addition, the job holder may well be responsible for training staff to use the system and will be the ‘go to’ person if there are any queries from departmental managers (for instance, if they are struggling with any aspect of the software).

An HRIS manager will have an important role in the setting up and running of HR software, as well as the maintaining of it.  Also, this person could be responsible for the security of the system and any data problems; although this may well be shared with the IT department.

Being the person with the most knowledge on the system, they may further be tasked with developing it as needs change (e.g. adding more storage capacity or finding a replacement system if additional functionality is required).

It is most likely that the job holder will sit in the HR team and work closely with them but will also work in conjunction with department managers and the IT team.  They may well report to the HR manager or HR director. Having a good rapport with the software provider is also important, so that they can be on-hand if there are any issues or if you want to modify the system in some way.

If a company has somebody who is happy to manage and maintain any of the HR or IT packages that are used by the HR team then they could be a good option for the HRIS manager role.  Alternatively, there may be somebody in your current team that wishes to develop into the role of HRIS manager.  In the latter case, good quality training should be available from your current HR software provider and this can help someone who is already in the business to get fully trained on how to use the system.

Initial training should be arranged from the moment you place the order to buy the system but you should explore the possibility and cost of additional training in-case you require it in the future or decide to add new modules at a later date (if you have a system that allows for this, like Simply Personnel).  That way, any new modules that are added can be used to their full potential virtually straightaway, as you will be able to book a training session quickly.

Alternatively, if you do not want the expense of training or the department is so busy that you need to employ someone in the role who has the existing knowledgebase, the best option may be to recruit somebody new.

A HRIS manager can be a totally separate and specialised role in the HR team or their responsibilities could sit with someone who has other HR responsibilities.

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