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What is it that you want as a business from your Human Resources Information System?

Is it the extra reporting information you can get out of the system for weekly or monthly meetings? Or is it the reporting for a senior manager or director?

What do you want to report on?

Is it attendance or absence, is it training courses attended or even recruitment details?

Do you want all the information available on each individual employee to be housed and inputted into one complete HR information system?

How many employees do you want to have in the system and are you looking to expand or contract the workforce in the next couple of years?

Are you looking to sell the business and want to make sure that you are not passing on an admin nightmare?

Simply Personnel offer a solution for your human resource reporting needs with easy to use information systems, you just have to decide how many modules you want!

Do you want your human resources system to house all employee details or just some of them? With Simply Personnel, you can start with one module and enter some details that you need and then add additional modules as and when you need them. Human resources management systems can allow that freedom of tailoring what you want in your system if you pick the one that is flexible and can match your needs. Simply Personnel is one of the human resources information systems that can do this. The beauty of a comprehensive system is that it allows a multitude of reports to be run and so much information is at the fingertips of HR.

Having lots of options helps to get a software solution that changes as much as an organisation does, which is where Simply Personnel excels.

The key to this product is information and you need to decide on what information you need. We want to make your reporting easy and your record keeping capacity as comprehensive as you need. All to suit your pocket at this particular moment in time!

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