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HR Training software can prove a really useful tool for record keeping for training courses across a company.  Logging the training records for your company is of paramount importance.  Making sure all details are up to date so you can identify who has attended what course will enable you to identify gaps in employee records.

In addition the Training Manager module sits within the Personnel Manager module for ease of tracking and reporting.

The training module helps to reduce staff turnover as training needs are identified at each stage from induction to senior management enabling a career path to be followed and therefore helping the company keep hold of valued employees  and training can be given before staff decide to leave.

On the flip side to this it also enables you to pick out candidates who are suitable for promotion opportunities and can be identified through the reporting if you have skill requirements for a particular vacancy.  For example if you have a vacancy for an Accountant you can run a report searching the training records for accountancy qualifications.  When you have the list you can contact each line manager to see if the employee maybe interested in the opportunity.

Training profiles also can be created by position.

The training record keeping software allows costs of events for training companies to be stored in the system alongside their contact details

You may hold a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) profile on the system and this may be held on an individual’s record which shows the training courses an individual in a particular job needs to complete, these can be added automatically using the profile associated with that employees post.

Useful for compliance, with internal business requirements and for looking if qualifications are compulsory for a role all can be tracked to an individual record within the Simply Personnel Training Manager module.

Any training record keeping software or HR training recording software needs to hold all relevant information for employees and also have the extra functionality to run reports consistent with the HR department’s needs.  Simply Personnel Training Manager module is able to do this and much more.

We have a free trial available or our sales team can go through an online demo or can answer any questions you may have.

As one of a number of modules that can be bolted on to the system it is ideal for a business to be able to track numerous training courses running at the same time or with them spread over the course of the year.

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