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HR Software Packages

The ability to track all your employees personnel records is paramount for all small, medium and large businesses. Simply Personnel offers HR software Packages tailored to your business size.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business HR Software packages are a must have product for a business with over 5 employees.  The ability to track all your employee’s personnel records is of paramount importance for your business and for reporting purposes.

Our system is based on a series of modules that can be added as your needs grow.  You can have up to 8 modules so your HR system can be as comprehensive as you would like!

The beauty of the Simply Personnel system is that it is laid out clearly and is very easy to learn and use.

HR packages software also cut down on the repetition of entering the information.  Enter someone’s personal details once and they are in the system and can be transferred into all relevant areas in the system automatically to save retyping and the dreaded potential for errors.

You are not on your own

With our dedicated support team you don’t just buy the HR Software Package and then you are left to your own devices.  We are here to help whenever you need us.  With a years’ support and when you first get the HR Software package we are available to give advice when you need it within business hours.

When you are looking at a range of HR Software Packages you need to decide what are the most important areas that you are looking for.  We offer one of the most practical systems in the market place and cover all areas that you need from an HR Software system.

Whether you need a general HR Management tool or additional modules we can help.

If you want to manage employee records, holidays or perhaps absence rates we can accommodate this.  Also we can offer a built in reporting tool and assist in training planning and help manage training costs and needs.

When looking at HR Software Packages we compare favourably on price to the competition; take a look at our pricing page for more information.

When businesses are looking at HR packages software they are naturally concerned about security.  Our system is hosted on your server so you have complete control.

We are here to help advise on the right HR Software packages for you, tailored to your business and to help you make your Simply Personnel HR system as effective for you day to day as possible.

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