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Rota & Rostering

Record entry and exit times using the virtual clock.

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Manage Employee Schedules

A powerful addition to Simply Personnel self service is the rota module. The rota module allows managers and team leaders to manage employee schedules and graphically plan them. The rota and roster system is ideal for those organisations that have dynamic allocation requirements for staff.

Easily show employees their schedules

Employees can also see their own schedules so they always know which rota they are on. In addition, holiday and absences are automatically reported and when used in conjunction with the time and attendance module the system automatically tracks actual time recorded versus planned.

Rota/Rostering is designed for companies that require more flexibility with employee shifts than just a simple morning, afternoon and overnight shift pattern.

With the scheduler you will be able to allocate shifts as appropriate including rotating shifts where someone works, say 4 morning shifts, 3 evening shifts and then has 2 days off.

Schedule shifts effectively

The scheduler is integrated with self service; in fact much of the information and functionality required is accessed from self service including employee details, company hierarchy, user permissions, positions, holiday/absence bookings and holiday requests/authorisation.

At the heart of the scheduler is an excel type worksheet where each column represents a day and each row represents an employee (there are some other meanings for rows too)

Shifts are predefined and allocated to employees in the worksheet. The worksheets can be viewed in 1 day, 7 days, 14 days or 28 days formats.

Additionally you can define filters by hierarchy, shift or position. For example you can see the schedule for all employees allocated a morning shift.  Also you can define a filter to look at all employees that have not been allocated a shift.

Analyse staffing needs

You can also define staff requirements.  For example you can specify how many staff you need for a certain shift by position (managers, nurses etc.).

Rota/Rostering enables you to monitor staff coverage against requirements.  The system will compare how many staff you have allocated to the number required and show the difference as a number or percentage.

You can also create multiple schedules.  An employee can be on more than one schedule.  They cannot be double booked as the employee is visible on every schedule.

Employees can see their own schedule or others peoples depending on the user permission setting.

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