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Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager transforms the complex task of recruiting and streamlines the whole process.

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Keep Track of Your Recruitment Details

Our Recruitment Manager facilitates the entire recruitment process from vacancy posting through to job offer letter. It saves time and money by ensuring that the right steps are carried out consistently for every vacancy. Our HR software keeps the countless details involved in the recruitment process organised and easily accessible. Security access levels protect every candidate’s right to privacy. The Recruitment Manager facilitates relationship building and that, in turn, helps increase the chances of hiring the best candidate for every open position.

Manage all aspects of recruitment

Keeping track of your recruitment details has never been easier. With Simply Personnel’s Recruitment Manager Module, you can track the job offer process, vacancy details, advertising sources, recruitment costs, interview scheduling and applicant details.

The Recruitment Manager can automate correspondence for example letters of invitation to interview, candidate assessment forms, rejection letters, request for references, offer letters etc…

It is essential when recruiting new employees that you map the recruitment process this defines how applicants are dealt with from initial contact through to employment. At each stage, our Recruitment Manager Module defines tasks with specific actions from mail merging letters, sending e-mails or reminding you of manual activities to perform.

Monitor the entire recruitment process

The module allows you to monitor the different stages an application has reached. It also has the ability to take the successful candidates details and translate them into an employee record.

Simply Personnel is an integrated system and shares common data between Personnel, Recruitment and the Training Module; ensuring our effective traffic light system can alert you about outstanding tasks in all areas.

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