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Employee Self Service Key Features

Allow employees to update personal details, request holidays & training courses, these are just a few key features of our Employee Self Service Module

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See below some of the Employee Self Service Key Features:

All of the Employee Self Service Key Features have one thing in common – to provide your employees with a channel to look after personal elements of their HR such as contact details and holiday requests.

Request and Authorisation

A flexible request and authorisation mechanism allows you to control how information is updated within the system. The Self Service Module allows employees to make requests such as holidays and managers to authorise those requests, reducing the HR department’s administrative workload.

Managing Personal Details

Employees can manage their own personal details using the self service module.

Phone Directory

The Phone Directory option within the self service module is a simple and effective way to manage an internal employee directory.

Course Diary

The course diary screen enables employees and line managers to see what courses are available and in a few simple steps they can select the course that is appropriate for them and request a place.

Total Rewards Statement

You can show your employees total reward statement online, we work with you to put the key information you want to make available to employees on one easy to read screen.

Holiday Management

Manage all aspects of holidays and absences from within the self service module including requests, checking for clashes and authorisation.

Appraisal Management

Simply Personnel self service contains a comprehensive appraisal management system that allows appraisal forms to be defined at a central level.

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