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Employee Self Service

Involve staff in their HR

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Employee Self Service allows staff to view or modify their information

The Employee Self Service module of Simply Personnel enables the administrator to empower employees by providing them with access to some of their HR data, whilst still keeping control of their records as a whole. Individual employees can access their own information through a simple Internet browser interface, through your company’s Intranet.

Reduce your workload

Although staff can complete recurring tasks that you would usually have to do yourself (such as holiday allocation), you can still review and approve everything.

Some of the functions employees can complete, using our HR software, include requesting a holiday, cancelling a holiday, changing/amending their contact details, changing/amending bank details, viewing company policies & procedures, viewing their training course diary and providing self-certification for absences.

Refresh your memory

It is often easy to forget a holiday request that has been submitted months prior to being taken. By logging into the software, you can see at a glance when someone is on holiday and if granting another employee leave at that time would be suitable.

You can also monitor how much training has been completed by your staff and keep track of any changes to their personal details.

Keep their data secure

Although employees like having a certain amount of control over aspects of their working life, they do not want other staff to know about their private information (especially with regards to absences and appraisals etc…).

Through our system, you have the ability to restrict access to sensitive data – keeping everybody happy.

Save your administration costs

Another key benefit of Employee Self Service is that it allows you to reduce your administration costs and improve communication between employees, line managers and directors.

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