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HR Management Systems Software

If you are looking for HR management systems software that can assist you in fulfilling your HR needs then look no further than Simply Personnel.

Established in 2006, we provide more than 2000 companies with HR software that prides itself on being affordable, easy-to-use and reliable.

Part of what ranks ours among the best hr management software is that it has been created by HR experts who know the industry inside out. With sister company Croner at the helm; you get the benefit of an automated way to streamline complicated or time-consuming HR processes.

Every business has different HR system requirements. To help you cater for yours more specifically, Simply Personnel comes with a choice of seven separately priced modules to help you manage the aspects of HR that you require. If you find a particular aspect of HR challenging, you can purchase the functionality you need instead of having to invest in everything at once.

Plus, if your business has expansion plans, as Simply Personnel is sold proportionate to the number of employees you have, you can easily upgrade in-line with your company’s growth.

Our core modules are the “Personnel Manager” (employee database), “Training Manager” and “Recruitment Manager”, which are fantastic tools for managing existing employees and when looking to hire fresh talent. An example of this is that HR software can provide a useful way of taking the hassle and time out of many legally required tasks, such as following correct recruitment procedures and keeping staff records secure.

This is what makes ours great HR management software for small business, as it can be a cost-effective way of dealing with necessary HR procedures.

Should your requirements be more bespoke, modules are available that provide additional functionality, such as Employee Self Service (through which staff can file their own holiday requests), Time & Attendance (which can be used for staff to clock ‘on’ and ‘off), Timesheets & Expenses (to monitor work performance) and Rota & Rostering (to allocate shifts).

Each of these modules gets installed securely on your server, which is one of the advantages this type of solution has over web based hr management software, which may be vulnerable to internet bugs as well as being reliant on the speed and availability of an internet connection. Your IT team will also have more control over the functionality and set-up of the software, to make it more in-line with your existing IT policies.

When it comes to support, there is an online helpdesk available 24/7 as well as a team of dedicated staff who are on hand to deal with more complicated requests.

Alongside the modular format, advantages over web based HR and our industry expertise, this makes Simply Personnel the perfect HR software solution for businesses of any size. To find out more or start your free 30 day trial, please call 0800 783 0322 or e-mail

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