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Nowadays, the marketplace is filled with a wealth of HR tools that can assist human resources professionals with many of their various day-to-day tasks.

However, it is not staff employed in the HR team that can benefit from these tools, as they are HRM tools that can be used by line managers or any individual responsible for the recruitment, management and development of employees.

Furthermore, the benefits can also be spread across the whole business as some systems, such as Simply Personnel, come with the option of having an Employee Self Service Module to allow any staff member to log-in and submit their own holiday requests for line manager approval – reducing the burden on the HR team even further.

With such a variety of tools to choose from, choosing the best HR tools can be a challenge but these days an extensive amount of user reviews and discussions are available online to inform the decision-making process.

It is worth taking time to become aware of what each tool can offer; particularly if you are going to be spending money on one because it is likely to be a long-term investment and used on a regular basis.

If you are thinking of using free HR tools, such as the downloadable document templates we have available on our website, there are also many to choose from but these often do not contain the same extensive functionality as chargeable ones. For example, Simply Personnel can provide assistance with many aspects of HR including recruitment, training, rotas and in-depth reporting.

Selecting the right tools for you often depends on what you would like assistance with. For instance, if you are looking to save time and money by automating time-consuming HR processes – such as the storage of employee records, submission of holiday requests and production of a training needs analysis – HR software like Simply Personnel would be the ideal tool to use.

In the past, one of the most effective HR tools was using a spreadsheet or database to store employee information. The downsides to this, however, are:

  • Data may be hard to find (spread across multiple places)
  • Problems with several employees trying to access the data simultaneously
  • Tasks getting missed due to not getting alerts

With today’s dedicated software solutions:

  • All the data is kept in one place
  • Users can log-in to ensure they only view data that is pertinent to them
  • Task reminders can be set quickly and seen prominently after log-in

Current HR software systems come in many different forms but most are either public or private cloud. Private cloud systems such as Simply Personnel store the software on our secure server; allowing our IT team to closely manage it to ensure it is secured in accordance with data protection policies.

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