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HR Self Service

HR Self Service is an important component as a module within HR Management Software.

It is all about empowering the employees of the organisation to enter certain personal details on the system.  In the process of this it cuts down time for the HR department as they are not checking or entering details for everyone.  Managers can also enter the details for their team again reducing the number of entries for HR.

Entries can be as simple as requesting a holiday, changing personal details such as their address or maybe changing their own bank details.

It allows managers to have the control of scheduling – who is working on that day and who is on annual leave.

The administrator can have the ultimate control with the authorisation rules as well as configuration but their time and the number of key strokes is greatly reduced!

Most organisations like the freedom to empower some employees and to reduce the admin time taken of others, even in some cases potentially outsourcing is an option.

Appraisal details, absence and training are all on the record system for Simply Personnel and it is up to each business to decide how much access individuals get to any one area.  Employees can view their own records but may not be able to amend all of their own records and that is down to the management of the business to give as much or as little access as they choose.

The holiday entitlement is colour coded and for ease of use shows clearly how much is taken, left to take or has been allocated.  Carried forward days are clearly displayed too.  The manager can see who is off on that day before approving the leave.  Training needs and training requests are also shown to give a complete and rounded picture of an individual employee.

Within the HR Self Service module for Simply Personnel there is an area where you can upload various forms such as absence, health and safety policy and even the employee handbook.  The system even allows the administrator of the system to see who has read a policy and then an email can be sent if they haven’t, asking them to read it.

As one of 8 modules this shows the capability of one section of the system.

Employee or HR Self Service is a really useful way of distributing the burden of HR admin around a business and gives some control to not only managers in a business but to the other staff as well.

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