The ability to enter and update important employee data is crucial to the operation of any HR team.

Also with the emphasis on the performance element of the software you need to be able to track absence/attendance and implement corrective action if there are any issues. In addition utilising the Croner Simply Personnel in-depth reporting tool can help performance management in HR. Within this disciplinary and grievance can be reported. Also pay and benefits can be reported on.

Using our HR performance management software system through the time and attendance module you can track and then improve attendance.

Also using the rotas and rostering module you can monitor staff coverage and make sure departments are covered sufficiently so they can work to the maximum.

HR performance management is something that needs to be utilised all the time and you never know when you are going to be asked for a report from a Director or another member of staff.

Performance Management HR software applications can be online or server based. Here at Croner Simply Personnel we have a server based system so you are in control of your own security.

Training course management and costs are another important area within HR performance management. By having up to date employee training courses on a system you can see where there are gaps in employee training records and where you can plug those gaps, all contributing to not only an efficient HR team but adding more skills and confidence to your work force, leading to an improved performance of the business.

With the Croner Simply Personnel Employee Self Service Module holiday and absence management, training and policies and procedures are all in one place. This not only makes navigation easy but it also helps that certain staff who HR allow can update these polices, helping departments run more efficiently and it reduces the admin burden from just one person or one team. HR can then track who has currently updated the system and who has yet to start updating the records. This can be monitored by HR to make sure everything has been done correctly and who needs to be chased as to when they are updating the records.

Keeping these records on file allows the records to be reported on and the copy will stay on the employees record for referral.

Managing employees performance is crucial to the successful operation of any business and by using Croner Simply Personnel you can track the performance of each staff member.

Croner Simply Personnel is the ideal performance management HR software for a business.