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What Is Human Resources for Employees

When you utilise the power of technology to address the requirements of the Human Resources Department you have a Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Simply Personnel is just such a product, bringing IT benefits to the HR department and demonstrating human resources for employees.

What does an HRIS mean for the individual employee?

At first sight, you wouldn’t think much of various database or employee databases as a tool used by the HR department and does not have a great deal of visibility for the employee. There are many areas where the HRIS can assist the HR department and indirectly help the employee.

Simply Personnel is an HRIS and will store all of the key data on an employee. All your human resource information on employees in one place. The system stores next of kin and medical information so that if the employee is taken ill at work or involved in an unfortunate accident the HR department will know who to contact.

The Simply Personnel system stores a record of each employee’s annual leave so that when it comes to the end of the holiday year and the employee may be unsure of the remaining holiday balance the information can be retrieved at the touch of a button and provided to the employee so that they can check the accuracy and determine how many days they have to take before year end.

Another aspect of an HRIS like Simply Personnel is self service. This is where an employee can log into a browser based version of the database. By making the Self Service module of Simply Personnel easy for an employee to access means that they can see their own personal details through the browser and check that the details held by HR are accurate and up to date. Indeed if there are changes to be made for example a change of address if the employee is moving house or if the next of kin details need updating this can all be done through Self Service. The data can be checked for accuracy by HR and it will then update Simply Personnel with no rekeying. The employee can also request a holiday through Self Service, this will be routed to their Manager for approval and once approved updates their record in Simply Personnel. Of course the Manager can have a look at a calendar of his team before approving the leave request to make sure that it does not clash with other key members of the team.

You can see then that Simply Personnel will not only bring benefits to the HR team, freeing them up from mundane administrative tasks to concentrate on business critical issues, but also will bring benefits to each and every individual employee in the business. Human Resources for employees in action!

If you want to learn more how Simply Personnel will work in your organisation then please call 0844 6931247 and select option 1 to discuss your individual requirements with one of our sales team.

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