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HR Databases

HR databases are an extremely important tool for any business and a must have for any HR department.

Most businesses have an HR database but does it match the majority of your needs and is the cost escalating? How long have you had the system? Do you need to review its features? Have you started to look at other HR databases in the market place?

The Simply Personnel system is ideal for the busy HR professional it has all of the essential features of a modern HR database and has many attributes that will bring real benefits to the HR function in your business.

When you invest in Simply Personnel you just implement the modules that you need. You can start with just the Personnel Manager module and then grow the system as your business grows. There are eight modules in the Simply Personnel suite to address the HR needs of most organisations. Updates are also planned for the system to keep pace with new ideas for the system and many of the updates come from feedback from clients. We are a long time established business (over 10 years experience) in HR databases and look to provide you with an in-depth system that matches all your requirements.

The database that we offer can hold as much or as little information as you would like and as it is modular you can add new modules whenever you would like.

A free trial of our system is also offered so you can see Simply Personnel in operation and get first-hand experience of how it would benefit your business. Our sales professionals are on hand to discuss any requirements you may have and can go through an online demo with you at a time convenient to you.

We also have a number of customers who can you can discuss the system and our support with so you get an independent view point of the database. If this is of interest our sales team can assist.

There are many key features to any HR system but holding all of your employee details in one place, being able to run reports from the software as and when you need them along with ability to monitor key dates are vital. Our sales staff will take the time to discuss your needs with you to establish which modules of Simply Personnel are right for your business. Then again if you know what you want from an HR software system – you can have – a free 30 day trial or an online demonstration to confirm that Simply Personnel is right for you.

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