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Free HR Software Download

Download our free HR software trial to see how our software can help your business.

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No organisation should be expected to invest a great deal of time and money in a HR software system without being able to trial a free download first. By using a free HR software download you are making sure you are investing in a system that will address your business needs and that the company who supply the system can provide you with good quality training and excellent support when you need it.

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Simply Personnel offer a free download of our HR software for 30 days so you can see the depth of features we have to offer and to use the library of standard reports and the integral easy to use report writer. During the trial you can contact support and customer services so you can start to build confidence with us as an organisation from the very beginning. Our customer relationships all started the same way and now with over 2000 companies actively using our system you can be sure that by trialling our system you are comfortable with not only the software but us as a supplier and it will be the basis for a long standing business relationship.

The heart of our HR Software is the Personnel Manager module; it enables you to save time and increase productivity and very importantly can help you to reduce absence too. We have built the Bradford Factor into our software, this enables you to take a consistent approach when tackling absence problems, the software can let alert you using trigger points set by you as an organisation, meaning potential issues can be resolved quickly and effectively.

The built in In-depth reporting tool in our HR Software enables you to extract information in a matter of moments meaning you will no longer need to spend hours looking through spreadsheets or timesheets to provide the reports you have been asked for, you can efficiently run a real time report freeing you up to do more significant requirements of your role.

We have a building block modular approach meaning that you can start off with just one module (or however many you need)  and then add any of our other 7 modules as you require them. Simply Personnel has been designed to help your business run more efficiently and effectively, so when you request a free download of our HR software be sure to ask to trial the modules you think can support your business needs. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first so why would you invest so much time and effort into a HR software system you haven’t tested?

For our free HR Software download please click here or call our experienced sales consultants on 0800 783 0322 opt 1. You could also try out our HR database software for 30 days for free.

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