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With up to 8 modules available you can select the modules that best suit your business needs.

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HR Software


HR Software Product Overview

There are many common questions and phrases that we hear at Simply Personnel every day in the enquiries that we receive. As such, we’ve compiled a handy list of our responses to some of these below:

Why Choose Simply Personnel’s HR Software?

We’ve been around for nine years and plan to stick around for many more years to come, so you can rest assured that you are investing in a company that has the HR expertise to help you automate your HR processes effectively not only today but in the future.
Unlike some other HR Software Packages, ours is managed by a team of HR experts that specialise in many other aspects of HR too – from Pay and Benefits to Health & Safety and HR telephone helplines – so, we know what problems HR professionals are facing day-to-day and can tailor our software to be of greater assistance.


What can you offer me?

When you buy Simply Personnel, you get access to a range of HR tools in each of the eight different modules we offer:

HR Software

Personnel Manager

allows you to store and maintain employee records

HR Software

In Depth Reporting

(built-in and included with Personnel Manager) – makes presenting information to the top table easier

HR Software

Employee Self Service

lets staff take some of the admin burden away from HR

HR Software

Time and Attendance

clearly logs the hours and dates that staff have worked

HR Software

Rota & Rostering

assigns shifts to staff and allows you to view staff coverage

HR Software

Training Manager

looks after event organisation, cost management and more

HR Software

Recruitment Manager

automates the sending of any correspondence and stores applicant details

HR Software

Timesheets and Expenses

keeps a record of employees’ expenses and the work they have completed

For a more detailed overview of our modules, why not have a read of our Key Features Page?

Key Features


Have you been asked the following questions lately?

What’s new in HR?

To get the latest HR news, why not connect with our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to see stories hot off the press?

What is it you do again?

Although HR professionals should be very familiar with the term ‘HR’, other staff members may be wondering “What is HR?” and questioning what function an HR department plays in the operation of the organisation as a whole. That is why we’ve put together an explanation of HR’s role in the business world, which we invite you to share among your colleagues.

HR Software

For more information about what HR is click here

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