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Cloud Based Payroll Software

There are many types of cloud based software on the marketplace to help businesses like yours perform a wide range of day-to-day tasks much more easily; whether that is payroll, accounting or HR.

Cloud based software solutions are accessible via the internet, which means that they can be used on the go and on a wide variety of devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). However, as the data is stored on an external server, it is harder for you to keep control of sensitive employee information.

For payroll software, this could be the amount that an employee is paid or even their address and bank details.

That is why many software providers, such as Simply Personnel who supply software for HR professionals, offer software that is server based. With this type of software, data is stored on your own server, so you can make sure that it conforms to your existing IT policies and security protocols.

Although it is possible to upgrade some server based payroll software to cloud based, we would advise making sure that this is the right approach to take for your business and that your data will be sufficiently protected when doing so.

How can Simply Personnel help with payroll?

As HR and payroll are often conducted by the same team (especially in smaller businesses), Simply Personnel offers the ability to connect our HR software with Sage to help make payroll management easier.

This is because information about an employees’ salary and personal/bank details are already stored within Simply Personnel for the HR department to access; so this existing information can be pulled through to Sage to save you time.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the likelihood of any problems occurring – such as an employee getting paid the wrong salary, being missed from the payroll or paid duplicate times – because Simply Personnel can generate regular reminders for you to check that employee information is up-to-date, store a template asking people to inform HR about any changes and pull through each employee record from the system.

Having Sage interface with Simply Personnel can also come in useful when someone leaves the business because it will prompt you to process their final payroll separately and allow you to take manual intervention.

How can I take advantage of this?

Sound complicated? Not to worry; our team of expert trainers can sit down with you for a day and talk you through the process – even helping you to set it up – to save you the hassle.

For existing customers that would like to enquire about a training session, please call 0800 783 0322 or e-mail

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