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“It’s Friday!” but things are looking up for UK workers

For 9 to 5 workers, there is often a sigh of relief when Friday is here and the weekend is on the horizon.

Yet research published by our sister company Croner’s online HR resource Croner-i suggests that stress in the workplace is at its lowest since research began.

Indicators as to why include that only:

  • 10% of businesses are experiencing decreased profits
  • 11% are experiencing falling sales volumes
  • 8% are regularly using their maximum overdraft
  • 6% are seeing their market share fall
  • 6% are making redundancies

If your employees are suffering from low morale then it probably best to arrange a one-to-one meeting with them to discuss how they are feeling and identify possible resolutions.

Through Simply Personnel’s HR software, you can securely store notes from the meeting and even set a reminder to have a follow-up conversation a few weeks or months later.

To find out more or start your free 30 day trial, please call 0800 783 0322 opt 1 or e-mail