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HR Software: The Cloud Wars

HR Software: The Cloud Wars

Not so long ago in a cyberspace nearby, cloud based HR software gained in popularity due to its accessibility on the move and ability to be updated without inconveniencing customers.

That is why Simply Personnel now offer private cloud HR software.
There are four different types of cloud that we could have used – Private, Public, Hybrid and SaaS – but we found the best option for us was private cloud. Here’s why:

Private clouds sit on a secure network and can be controlled easily, the cost is more than a public cloud solution but if invaluable in serving our clients’ data security guidelines.

Public clouds are online, allowing for connection anywhere there is internet, which is ideal for sharing resources but is more vulnerable to data corruption (a potential HR nightmare).

Hybrid clouds are a cross between the private and public clouds but more complex to control for a large number of customers with ever-changing needs.

SaaS or cloud based applications are owned and operated by others, over the internet, but again could present lots of data vulnerabilities.

As you can see, there are advantages to all types of cloud system but the best option for HR professionals would have to be private cloud because there is less risk of confidential employee data falling into the wrong hands.

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