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Can HR get staff closer to dream fictional jobs?

Job search engine adzuna recently published a blog on ‘29 Jobs from Fiction That Are More Exciting than Yours’, which got us thinking, “As HR cannot give people their dream fictional jobs, what can be done by organisations to help colleagues take an extra step towards achieving their dreams?”

Perhaps the organisation of fictional job themed team-building days…?

If you saw our previous blog post on ‘Make Working in Cahoots a “Hoot”’ then you will know that 33% of a survey’s participants called team-building days boring but tailoring them to spark the imagination of groups of employees within the organisation could help to make them more engaging.

5 tips to organising such an event:

1. Split your employees into groups

Sort the wannabe Wizards from the suppressed superheroes; it’s likely that groups of employees will be interested in similar works of fiction and identifying this is the first step in ensuring that you organise the right team-building for the right employees. Through Simply Personnel’s Personnel Manager module, you can add categories to employee records (such as Wizard Dream Job, Superhero Dream Job…) to make it easier to filter them into groups.

2. Identify a themed activity they can participate in

For example, wannabe Wizards may want to learn how to do magic tricks whereas hidden action heroes could prefer to bungee jump or take part in a daredevil style activity. The Training Manager module makes managing multiple events easy because you can quickly get a breakdown of which delegates are participating in which event and get an overall view of what activity is happening when through the Course Diary.

3. Spread the costs and activities

It can be expensive to organise multiple team-building days, so it is important to keep an eye on the running cost to make sure you do not go over budget. Within Simply Personnel’s Training Manager module, there are standard reports that can be used to give a detailed cost analysis or show how your spend is building in-line with your budget.

4. Gather feedback following the event

A lot of work will go into planning and running each team-building day, so you may feel like drawing a line under them once they have finished, however remembering to gather feedback is crucial. If the events are a success then that is encouraging for the future or if they did not go down well then it is important to find out what the low points were to try to rectify them next time. Our Training Manager module can help here, as you can quickly glance at a task summary on the dashboard to spot any urgent tasks you have for completion. Creating tasks with assigned dates, such as ‘Gather feedback following training’ is straightforward and the tasks will change from green to yellow and then red the closer they get to becoming due.

5. Publicise it

The quirkier the event the better because it will stand out to the press and they will want to share the news with their readers. Employees may also tell their friends about it and it could boost your organisation’s reputation when it comes to talent acquisition. Within our Training Manager module, you can store any press cuttings or links to press coverage within the ‘Documents’ tab for ease-of-access.

Turn dreams into reality today…

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